How To Care And Clean Marble Kitchen Table


Marble Kitchen Table – Caution and special care are needed to clean marble table surfaces. Since the marble is very soft and prone to acid damage, this should be taken into consideration when choosing cleaning products. Remove all items from the table or marble surface, use a soft, clean, dry cloth to remove food residue and other debris. If there is a lot of oil left on the marble surface after cooking, take a clean cotton towel and moisten it with a little acetone, which you can find in a hardware store, and clean the marble surface.

Use a non-rinse, neutral pH, marble cleaner available from a specialist supplier of natural stone supplies. If a neutral cleaner is not available, mix one teaspoon of a non-citric dishwashing liquid with 4.5 l (1 gallon) hot water, moisten the marble kitchen table surface with the mixture, after a few minutes scrub the marble with a soft white pad. Remove the excess solution with a rubber squeegee and a new clean cotton towel, wipe the surface to remove the remaining soap. With a dry cotton towel, polish the marble surface.

Keep jars or bottles of acidic products on plastic mats or boards. Do not use abrasives or steel wool on polished marble kitchen table surfaces. Use polyethylene chopping boards for chopping or preparing meals. It is advisable to apply a concrete sealant after deep cleaning.


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