How to Install an Indoor Propane Pizza Oven


Propane pizza oven is a new and fun addition to your home. A true indoor pizza oven that runs on propane is difficult to manage, because it can be dangerous indoors. Even the smallest of leaks can lead to a fatal explosion. However, the decision is up to you. It will take time to build your own indoor pizza oven but the new pizza oven kit makes the job much easier than ever before.


Choose whether you want a precast refractory furnace or a brick kiln.  Many brick kilns are modular, and can be built to accommodate a specific location curing / stand or a specially designed oven.  If you cannot find the type of grill you want with the type of appliance you want, order a propane pizza oven grill, and get the brick oven in order.

Measure the available space you have and compare it with the size of the available oven kit. The landing size (oven bottom and stand) is required by the furnace changes depending on the overall size of the oven. Drill a hole in one of the closest wall, near where the propane pizza oven line attachment for the pizza oven is the closest. Setting the oven frame and the back heat cement wall at suitable distances.

Attach a vent pipe from the pizza oven vent opening to the exit opening in the housing. Run the propane line through the hole in the wall that you drilled after going to the attachment of the pizza oven grill. Often oven kit comes with a brick arch in a design of your choice, or you can choose to build your own arch from brick or stone.


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