Wood Vs. Stainless Steel Kitchen Island


Stainless steel kitchen island – Choosing between wood and stainless for a kitchen can be a challenge. A kitchen island is a prep center, snack bar, breakfast nook and surface for rolling out pie crusts, homemade pasta and bread dough. It can be warm and welcoming, Vintage and atmospheric or industrial and professional – your design and use determine the choice of materials. Kitchen islands in wood or stainless steel has drawbacks and advantages. But both are attractive options for your kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen island is modern and cool, and can be either elegant or industrial in style. You do not have to worry about burning a ring with a hot pot on stainless and it is extremely easy to wipe down. The steel is really strong, but not invincible. You can barely scratch a steel finish, so you should use a cutting board for slicing and chopping. A wooden cutting board will protect your expensive knives as well, because contact with the steel will become dull their blades.

Stainless steel kitchen island needs mild, never abrasive cleansers, but the worst that happens if you forget to dry the surface is some spotting, you can wipe clean. A large steel island could be overwhelming in a small kitchen, so choose one with a lower shelf and legs, rather than a fixed device may be a better design choice.


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